ENCAT is a company consisting of specialized technicians on the engineering field and building industry.


From construction projects and works management to certificates of energy efficiency, TIB (Technical Inspection of Buildings) or certificates of habitability, our team has the necessary skills and knowledge to carry out any project.


If you want to  know more about ENCAT and our projects, click on the ENCAT logo and find more information about us and a large number of projects and works undertaken.


ENCAT forma parte del AQPE Agency for Qualification of Professional Engineers.




We have PEQ Certificate, the certification for engineering professional based on accredited professional knowledge & experience in different specialities or areas activities, according to objective and standardized procedures for certification. Promoting international convergence of European rating systems used and they recognition under the ISO 17024 on certification of persons.

A model with the same standard & rigor used by other internationally recognized organizations, certifying competencies and skills to apply the knowledge.